Highly Anticipated is the essential excitement to dream big. I believe in creating the right work to produce the right results.

About the Designer, Lacey Jayne

Lacey comes from a family of lawyers and fine artists. At the age of nine, she may have been the only one in her class who could use the word tort in a sentence. She abandoned early dreams of a career in international law to work in real estate, where she designed fliers for home listings. Her instinct for design compelled her to go far beyond fliers. Encouraged by others, Lacey recognized her gift of design as her passion.

Lacey’s innate capacity to design for beauty and function is enhanced by her intimate knowledge of the challenges that legal professionals face. Her combined path of graphic design and executive skills can be described by paraphrasing the lines by Robert Frost:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

Blazed a trail to encompass both,

And that makes all the difference.

Lacey enjoys traveling, knitting, and cooking, and she never misses an episode of Sunday Morning.


Clients come to Lacey saying, “I just need one little thing.” They are surprised and delighted when she asks questions that include, not one, but all functional areas of their business. The unique fingerprint that distinguishes Lacey is her recognition of the undercurrent that the client doesn’t think to ask for. She generously provides that as part of her service. That is unequivocally her value.