Branding & Web Design for Law Office of John M. Macdonald

As a 25-year established attorney, John Macdonald was looking for a website that could be a resource for clients and create the base of a digital marketing strategy. The brand identity reflects his love of the water and the Puget Sound area. Modern elements like gradients are paired with classic feeling fonts to strike a balance between modern and established.

Text-based logo

Full logo

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This is a Heading Example

This is an Example of a Subheading

This is an example of a paragraph style. Lorem ipsum sum lvaude, hag rem touyij. Sampot gou for yrefo.

  1. numbered one
  2. number two
  3. number three

This is an example of bullet points:

  • bullet point number one
  • bullet point number two
  • bullet point number three