Marketing flow Workshop

“Selling” doesn’t have to feel forced or sleazy, it can feel more like flow


Here’s what I know: When you really care about what you do and you are deeply passionate about the experience and transformation you are offering to your clients… the standard marketing tips feel disingenuous and gross.

So, you do nothing. You put off Facebook posts, forget about your email list, and sit around hoping for a referral to come your way soon.

There truly is a better way to look at marketing your business, and it feels so good I can’t wait to share it.

Because, when the right clients find you, and you know exactly how solve their problem, it feels amazing. You feel like your experience and hard earned knowledge means something. You feel valued, and are able to charge accordingly.

What is The Marketing Flow Workshop?

In this four-hour workshop, Lacey Jayne, Owner of Highly Anticipated, will guide you through feel good strategies to connect your business to the stream of people who are happy to pay you.

You’ll leave with a clear strategy to create your own marketing flow.


What You’ll be Learning


Find Your Stream

  • The reason why your business is significant, both to you and for your clients
  • Setting goals that get you towards your destination
  • Aligning with the goals of your clients and positioning services to help them


The Rising Tide

  • Where to find the RIGHT clients
  • Messages that connect
  • Sales strategies that feel so good


A Steady Stream

  • From interest to returning client, marketing automations that feel good, including the six email scripts all businesses need
  • Growing an email list by nurturing people
  • Increasing referrals


Who’s This for?

  • You own a business and you have full control over your marketing
  • You want more GREAT clients
  • You want less not-great clients
  • You struggle explaining what you do


What’s Included?

  • Four hour workshop at the beautiful Cedar Sanctuary in Sammamish
  • Small group setting 6-8 people
  • Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group to connect with Attendees and share progress after the workshop

How Much?

$199/ person, includes coffee, tea, and light snacks

DATE & TIME: July 13th, 1-5pm